House Rules Addendum


Residential Rental Agreement



1.             Rent must be paid by the 1st of the month.  No refunds will be made.  Landlord reserves the right to refuse a personal check at any time. A Tenant's check that is returned by the bank for any reason will result in a $35.00 charge to the Tenant.     This amount is due and payable immediately upon notification from this office, its representative or either bank.  Returned checks must be corrected within twenty-four (24) hours and Tenant will be assessed a NSF Fee of $35. If the NSF causes the rent to be late, late charges and penalties for non­ payment of rent per the Rental/Lease Agreement will be enforced.

2.             Rent is to be paid by check, money order or cashier's check. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTEDIII Late mail is not an excuse for rent being late. If Rent is not received during regular business hours, it will be credited the following business day.  If Rent is not credited by 1:00 P.M. MST on the 5th day of the month, it is subject to a Late Fee.  Please keep in mind that Rent is not due on the 5th, it is due on the 1st.

For your convenience, you may  place  your  rent through the rent  drop slot  at  Thompson Realty located at 607 N. Hudson St. Silver City, NM 88061. Business hours are 9:00A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Business days are defined as calendar days, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays. Bank Holidays are  defined  as  New  Year's  Day,  Martin  Luther  King  Jr.'s   Birthday,  President's  Day,  Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Weekends and Bank Holidays are not an excuse for late rent.

3.            The Landlord or  the  Owner is not responsible for Tenants  goods or possessions on or off the premises.

Tenants will be responsible for maintaining their own renter's insurance to protect their own personal property, including vehicles, furnishings and other personal property.   Tenant acknowledges that neither the Owner nor Landlord's insurance provides any coverage for losses of Tenant's personal property.   Owner/Landlord strongly

recommends that Tenant procure renter's insurance to protect him/herself from all risks and occurrences.  In no case shall Owner/Landlord be liable for subrogated amounts paid by Tenant's insurer to Tenant or for reimbursement of amounts paid under Tenant's deductible.

4.             No Smoking or burning of incense will be permitted on the property without prior written consent from the Landlord.  Tenant agrees that they will be assessed a $500.00 cleaning fee, in addition to actual damages as a result of smoking/incense, if it is determined that smoking or burning of incense has occurred on property. Please be considerate and keep in mind that many people are greatly affected by smoke related allergies.   If you need somewhere to smoke, please contact us and we will designate an area at our discretion.

5.            Waterbeds and all liquid-filled furniture are prohibited unless all parties execute a separate written agreement.

6.             Only those named in the Rental Agreement shall occupy the Unit. No subletting is allowed.    Tenants are required to register (w/Landlord) any guests remaining longer than five (5) days. Tenant will incur an additional charge of $100.00 rent per week for guests remaining longer than the five days.

7.             Pets are strictly prohibited without prior written consent of the Landlord and subject to the terms of a Pet Agreement.  Any pets on the property without Landlord's consent will be grounds for termination of the rental agreement.

8.            Tenant's children and visiting children playing outside are to be supervised by an adult at all times.

9.             Tenant  shall  not  disturb  the  peaceful  and  quiet  enjoyment  of  other  Tenants  and/or  neighbors.  Radios, televisions and stereos must be turned low enough so as not to be heard outside the rented unit.

10.          Intoxication, excessive use of alcoholic beverages, disorderly conduct, unnecessary and /or objectionable noise or other disturbances by Tenants, or their guest(s), shall be sufficient cause for eviction of Tenant.

11.          There shall be no gatherings of more than three (3) people (excluding the Tenant(s)) at the property at one time. Excessive noise or disturbance is not allowed at any time.

12.          Tenant will be required to pay for all breakage and damage done to furniture, carpets, window treatments, window glass and screens, or the building. Tenant must not put tacks or nails or make holes in the walls or woodwork without  Landlord approval; said approval will not  be  unreasonably withheld.                                                                                                                                                                           If  Owner/Landlord repairs  any  damage caused  by Tenant  and  or  Tenant's  Invitees, Guests, or  Acquaintances, Tenant shall reimburse Owner/Landlord the expense of the repair within 24 hours of such damage.

13.           Tenant will be responsible for all damages to the premises as a result of burglary, larceny, vandalism, or other damages.   This includes any broken windows, screens, doors, or other damages such as graffiti.                                                                                                                                                 If Tenant makes reasonable written request to Landlord, Landlord will provide reasonable accommodation to prevent the unauthorized entry of the rented premises through the use of door and/or window locks as the Landlord, at his sole discretion, deems necessary and adequate, provided that Tenant acknowledges that neither Landlord, Broker, or Owner will be liable for any losses, claims, or any other suits that may be brought about by tenant.

14.          Tenant  acknowledges  that  Tenant  is  to  provide  their  own  renter's  insurance  for  the  rented  premises.

Furthermore, Tenant acknowledges that no insurance carried by Landlord provides coverage or protection for any property of Tenant or Tenant's guests.

15.           Tenant acknowledges that should any appliance (i.e. refrigerator, oven/range, dishwasher, freezer, washer, dryer, garbage disposal, water softener, microwave or any small appliances, or any other amenity), if existing on property at time of commencement of Tenant's rental agreement, fail or otherwise be determined to be inoperable, Landlord will make a reasonable attempt to repair such appliance or amenity, however, should it be determined that repair is infeasible or economically impractical, Landlord may or may not replace said appliance or amenity based Upon the sole discretion of the Landlord.

16.           Tenant acknowledges that they are to regularly vacuum any carpeting, if existing in unit, and agree not to use deodorizers, fresheners, or baking soda related products on the carpeting. I.e. Carpet Fresh® or comparable equivalents.           Tenant also  agrees  that  other  than  vacuuming, the  carpets  are  only  to  be  cleaned  by  a professional 3rct  party approved by Landlord.   Tenant acknowledges that any damage to the carpets due to Tenant negligence or disregard will be deducted from security deposit, if the security deposit is not sufficient to cover damages to the carpeting/flooring, Tenant acknowledges that they will be held liable for all repairs and/or replacements to the carpeting/flooring.

17.          There will be no car washing, or car repairs or auto maintenance such as changing of oil allowed on the premises.

18.          Tenant is not to store trash, rubbish or other debris on the property.   The Tenant is to help maintain a good appearance of the property by keeping personal items picked up and off porches and lawn areas.   Tenant must not create a hazard of any kind or to be in violation of any health, safety, or fire prevention rule, regulation or directive.

19.          Tenants shall not use or store gasoline, cleaning solvent or other combustibles in a unit.

20.          Tenant must keep the rented premises in a clean and sanitary condition and free from offensive odors.

21.           There are various city and county ordinances on trash control. Tenant is not to put out trash at curbside until the morning of trash pickup.  It is the responsibility of the Tenant to purchase a covered trash receptacle, if one is not otherwise provided, and use it properly.

22.           Tenant agrees to promptly notify Landlord of any items requiring repair at the Property.  Requests for repairs or maintenance  should  be  made  by  contacting  Landlord  during  normal  business  hours,  ymen   possible. Emergencies  involving  any  immediate  health  and  safety  matter  should  be  handled  by  the  appropriate

governmental agency (police, fire, paramedic) and Landlord shall be contacted as soon as practical thereafter. Costs for any repairs, including repair or clearance of  stoppages in waste pipes or drains, water pipes or plumbing fixtures caused by the negligence of Tenant or their guests are the responsibility of Tenant.

23.           If the unit is supplied with smoke detection device(s) upon occupancy, it shall be the responsibility of the Tenant to regularly test the detector(s) to ensure that the device(s) is in operable condition.   The Tenant will inform Landlord immediately, in writing, of any defect, malfunction or failures of such smoke detector(s).   Resident is responsible to notify Landlord of the need to replace smoke detector batteries.

24.           Tenant is asked to thoroughly inspect premises within 3 days of receipt of the keys to the Property and report to Landlord any damaged item or unsafe condition before occupancy. A Move-In Report is provided to Tenant and it will be the Tenant's responsibility to document the condition of the Property and report this condition to the Landlord within 3 days of receipt of the keys to the Property.  Any item(s) that are not listed on this Move-In Report will be construed not to exist at the time of the Tenant taking possession of the premises.

25.            Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, Tenant will be responsible for maintenance of the grounds, including, weeding, mowing, watering, feeding, pruning, and raking.     Tenant will also be responsible for changing the furnace filters, if existing, and having any evaporative coolers, if existing, serviced.

26.           Do not dispose of sanitary napkins, tampax, paper towels, handiwipes, disposable diapers or condoms in the toilet.  Plumbing problems created by improper use of the toilet or other drains will result in the Tenant paying for the plumbing repairs.

27.           All on-site parking is to be designated by, and is at the discretion of, the Landlord.  Tenants or guests of Tenant parking in other than Landlord designated area(s) will be considered a violation of these rules and vehicles are subject to towing at the expense of the vehicle's owner.  Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, only vehicles on the attached Vehicle Info Sheet are authorized to park on the property.

28.            If Tenant reports maintenance and/or repair issues/requests and it is determined by any contractor or service provider that the maintenance and/or repair issue was not necessary or a result of Tenant negligence, Tenant will be financially responsible to the maintenance contractor or service provider for the service call and/or services provided by the maintenance contractor and/or service provider.

29.          Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, Tenant will be responsible for pest control, at their expense.

30.           Tenant acknowledges that they are responsible for having the Unit professionally cleaned by a third party cleaning service at the time they vacate the unit.   Tenant agrees to submit proof of payment from a cleaning service upon request of Landlord.  If the Unit has carpeting, Tenant agrees to have the carpets professionally cleaned and submit proof of payment to Landlord.

31.          Any  violation of  these rules  and  regulations shall  be  considered  a  breach  of  Tenants Rental or  Lease Agreement, whether written or oral, and Landlord shall have the right to terminate the agreed upon tenancy.



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